Happy New Year, I wish you many birdies!

Happy New Year and here is the perfect opportunity to thank my partners!

2024 is here, and before the season starts in a couple weeks in Egypt, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank my partners without whom this journey would not be possible!

My sincere thanks go to André Bake who was the first to hop on my train with Idealis Consulting. If you know Tiger Woods in golf, well Idealis is the next Tiger in IT consulting! Benjamin & Marine Leempoels with Beyoond Agency, they made this beautiful website, and they’re Masters when it comes to brand strategy and communication!

Then, I would like to thank the federations, the AFGolf and the Belgian Federation for their continuous support that started respectively 16 and 10 years ago! And for a partnership that started more recently in 2020, thank you to Christophe and Nathalie Descampe from Rigenée, and all their members for their warm welcome and their support 🙏🏻

Playing golf is obviously doable with standard golf clubs, but it’s obviously more enjoyable when having sexy razors in the bag! So thank you Cédric de Woot and Thomas D’Haeseleer from Callaway Belgium/Europe for providing me with the best tools in the business! It’s also always a pleasure to receive a warm welcome in the Callaway truck at the Belgian Open! By the way, let me know if I should do a What’s In The Bag!

Then when it comes to comfort during the season, I can’t thank Didier Van Calck from ByMyCar Mercedes Belgium enough for providing me with a rolling lounge to go after trophies through Europe. Comfortable, good looking and powerful…

And thank you to Gabriel and Wilfried from Jetexpress who supported me during my first two years as a pro!

Special thanks go to my 2023 supporter’s club, participants to my Jean de Wouters & Friends 2023, my family, my friends and my girlfriend Charlotta!

There will be more good news coming soon, but in the mean time, I wish you all the best for the coming year and see you soon!✌🏼

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